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From:  Mick Moore - The Internet Entrepreneur
CEO & Founder - Pacifica Marketing Group, Inc.
San Diego, California

Dear Fellow Internet Entrepreneur,

I f you've ever dreamed of starting your own Home Based Business and making money working from home using the power of the Internet and all the perks that go with it...

Then this website is for you.

Home Based Business

You are about to 'Discover Real Secrets' that most people will never know about successfully making money working from home using 'The Power Of The Internet!'

It's a well known fact that many people SAY they want to change their life for the better... and yet... they fail to take any real action when the're offered the opportunity.

Did you know that somebody starts a new home-based business every 10 S-E-C-O-N-D-S?!
More and more people are shopping online and people are discovering that they can start a home-based business without any financial risk and with flexible hours that are most convenient for them.
Even better, you can create long-term residual income, earning money month after month long after the original work you did to create it has passed. Like an eBook for instance or CD.


Let's face it. The internet has changed everything...

Now... What if you had a Mentor to show you the way to make money working from home?

Wouldn’t it be easier to skip the learning curve and follow in their foot steps to do what they have done?


This is why having a coach or mentor in your life is so important.


The American Dream


Home Based Business - The Internet Entrepreneur I have been making money working from home since 1998 and even wrote a book about it called The Internet Entrepreneur.

But today I want to talk with you about the American Dream...


YOUR American Dream of Financial Independence.


How many people do you who know want to become financially independent?

I would guess pretty much every one of them.


So what does financial independence mean to you? 


  Starting your own Home Based Business and all the perks that go with it?

  Be your own boss?

  Set your own hours?

  Making money working from home?

  Quitting your present job?

  Sleeping in every day?

  Or just supplementing your current job with extra cash?


Well, let me assure you...


The American Dream of Financial Independence is Alive and Doing Extremely Well.

And whatever that means to you, you can have it….


If you simply take the time to learn how to get it!


Here's what I'd like to help you achieve:

  • Earn a life changing residual income you can retire with
  • Be your own boss and set the hours you want to work
  • Enjoy more free time with friends and family 

Working Smarter Not Harder


I'm going to get right to the point: you are here to find out how you can make money working from home and I am going to show you how to do just that.


If you are going to become wealthy, the first thing you have to do is stop working so hard!


I'm sure you have heard "you have to work hard to get rich."

How many people do you know that work hard every day?

How many of them are rich?


You have to start working “SMARTER."


I know you have heard this all before, but in today’s context, working smarter means:

  • Getting involved with something that makes money
  • Getting things that go up in value
  • Getting involved with something that has a small initial investment and a large return
  • Getting taxes to work for you instead of against us  

Imagine what it would be like doing what you love while helping others in the process and becoming financially rich from doing so…


Wouldn't you like living that kind of lifestyle?


This may just be the most eye-opening and life-changing information you have ever received...


Whether it's making fishing lures, creating jewelry, selling your grandmas favorite cookie recipe or creating an eBook about your current job experience...


I can show you how you can create your own prosperous Internet Home Based Business even if...

  • You don't have a product -- I'll show you how to create a product from scratch in as little as 24 hours. For less than $10!
  • You already have a product, but not a website -- I'll show you how to create an effective sales website, even if you have zero Web designing experience!
  • You have an existing website -- I'll show you groundbreaking tactics you can use to drive swarms of new highly targeted customers to your site and explode your revenue and profits!  

The Rich Man Says:

I will gladly spend $500 today if it will teach me how to make $5,000 tomorrow


The Poor Man says:

I can't afford that… but if it’s a wide screen TV he wants, you can bet your life he’ll find some way to get the money.

  • The rich use debt on things that will make them money and will go up in value.
  • The poor use debt on things that will cost them money and go down in value. 


So what’s the best investment you could invest in?


It's YOU !!!


Investing in yourself will yield the highest return on investment!



Standard Of Living


If you are not happy with your current level of finances, you only have two choices to fix it:


Lower your standard of living by taking the bus to and from work and do all of your shopping at the local goodwill. For most, that option does not work.




Increase your income!


With increasing your income, the question becomes...




You discover a method to create money... Then you implement it.



Here is a Wealth Secret


The wealthy always put the odds in their favor. That is why they don't play the lottery or gamble.
The odds are against them in both.


A study was done and it showed we only retain about 8% of what we learn from a book.
But that figure more than doubles to 18% when using a home study course.

And it jumps up to 89% when a mentor is involved.


When it comes to your success, do you want an 8%, 18% or 89% chance of reaching your dreams?


With everyone talking about the sluggish economy, talking about inflation and the media talking about these “proposed tax cuts” it's no wonder people are confused.


The fact is our Government needs MORE money... and they can only get it through more taxes!


Our Tax System keeps  the Poor - Poor...

Keeps the Middle Class - Struggling...

And keeps the Rich - Rich!


In the very near future there will only be two classes of people:


The poor and the rich!


If you keep doing what you are now right doing, in what class do you think you will end up?


So let me ask you... 


·      Are you frustrated watching other people succeed and not you?

·      Have the courses you bought only left you more confused than when you started?

·      Are you looking for a easier way to create an online business that actually makes you money?

·      Are you ready for a straight forward Step-By-Step  guide created by a true Internet Entrepreneur?


Think and Grow Rich


The book Think and Grow Rich written by Napoleon Hill in 1937 was commissioned by one of America's wealthiest men, Andrew Carnegie. He had Napoleon Hill interview some of the most successful people of his day to see if there was a common denominator amongst them.


Napoleon Hill found out two amazing things:

  1. Yes, the wealthy had a common denominator. In fact they had 16 of them!
    (That means if you are going to be wealthy, you had better have these 16 elements.)
  2. The second thing he found out was more impressive: none of these wealthy men were born with any of the 16 things in common. All 16 elements were learned.  


5 of those 16 characteristics are so important I am going to share them with you NOW:


1.  A Burning Desire


2. Specialized Knowledge


3. Discipline


4. Decisive in Decision Making:


5. Have a Master Mind Group




It’s About Lifestyle


With Knowledge you can over come any Obstacle…


“The key to Wealth is Learning the Process.”


Where will you be financially in five years if you keep doing the same thing you are doing today? Your income right now is based on what you are now doing.


Here is one of the most important questions you will ever answer:

How much is your dream worth to you?

  • You can have the American Dream of Financial Independence
  • The wealthy use debt the correct way
  • You must have a burning desire and the ability to make decisions
  • The wealthy always stack the odds in their favor
  • You must have specialized knowledge
  • It is knowing the process that leads to wealth  


There was a survey conducted on highly motivated people that showed two very interesting things:


  1. It showed that out of 100 people only 10 will become millionaires
  2. Any of the 100 could have chosen to be one of the 10  


Today, everyone has the opportunity to become wealthy and reach your dreams.


But only 10 will choose to do so.


Are you one of those 10?


There is a saying, ‘Your income is the average of the five people you hang out with most and your level of success is the average of those five people'. If you look around, you’ll probably notice that to be true.


So, what does it mean for you today…right now?



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 I'm Dedicated To Your Success,
Home Based Business
Mick Moore - The Internet Entrepreneur 



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